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About PCG Education

PCG Education helps schools, school districts, and state departments of education maximize resources, achieve their performance goals, and improve student outcomes. With nearly 25 years of K–12 consulting experience, PCG’s expertise, capacity, and scale help educators improve their decision-making processes and achieve measurable results. Since its founding, PCG Education has offered products and services that help districts and schools achieve equity for all students, accountability for results, and continuous improvement. PCG Education staff draw on a wide range of tools and approaches, including PCG Education-developed models, resources, and software to build systemic capacity through the application of research-based knowledge, sustained professional development, cutting-edge technology, and collaborative partnerships. As a unit of Public Consulting Group, PCG Education combines expertise in key content areas with a strong set of core competencies to customize services that meet the unique needs of our clients. Our goal is to build the capacity of our clients to improve teaching and learning through data-driven practices, action planning, use of technology, leadership coaching, and professional development.

Direct e-mails to pcgeducation@publicconsultinggroup.com

About Public Consulting Group

Public Consulting Group (PCG) was founded in 1986 as a privately held consulting firm serving state and local health and human services programs. Today, with 750 professionals in 30 offices around the U.S., in Montreal, Quebec, and in Łódź, Poland, our services have expanded to offer a wide range of education and management consulting and technology solutions to help public sector clients achieve their performance goals and better serve populations in need. PCG continuously updates its knowledge of industry best practices and maximizes partnerships and investments to deliver the leading consulting approaches and technologies to the marketplace. The firm is committed to providing proven solutions and outstanding customer service to clients in each of our four practice areas: PCG Education, PCG Health and Human Services, PCG Technology Consulting, and Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL).

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